Solutions for
web projects
Comprehensive Agreement
  • Dedicated server allocation
  • Server and project maintenance
  • Protection against DDOS Attacks
No less than 99,95% guaranteed up-time for your projects
Our financial liability for your projects’ up-time
Watchful & qualified tech-support 24/7
about us
Local Internet registry (LIR)
Resident of Special Economic Zone 'Dubna'
Specialists certified by ITIL
Compliance with 152-FZ of personal data

Our services

support 24/7
  • Server and project maintenance
  • Guaranteed 99,95% up-time for your project
  • Server / project accessibility monitoring
  • Regular back-ups of your projects
  • Instant data recovery from back-ups
  • Project function optimization
  • Server allocation
  • 1C-Bitrix optimized cloud servers
  • Installation of your hardware in data-centers (colocation)
Moving projects
to Russia
According to requirement №152-FZ “Protection of identity” and it’s amendment (№242-FZ in power since 01.09.2015) all sites handling personal user data must be located within Russian Federation. We manage the transfer of all of your site’s data to our servers within Russian Federation.
Protection from
DOS/DDOS Attacks
We’ll protect you from all spectrum of attacks no matter the duration or complexity.

Our work ethic

We don’t engage in blame-throwing in the host-developer-admin chain. We solve all problems ourselves and provide our clients with results.
Watchful eyes (Always a step ahead)
Our experienced specialists diagnose all potential threats to your projects, do maintenance and apply all precautions, preventing any malfunctions long before they may occur.
State of the art solutions
We keep an eye on new technology, design our own instruments and solutions, and implement them to serve your needs.
Client is key
Each client is given a personal project manager responsible for the quality and timeliness of all provided services. The manager designs and optimizes the partnership scheme for each client individually.

Shared Hosting

  V1 V2 V3
Disk space 20 GB 35 GB 50 GB
RAM 1 024 MB 2 048 MB 4 096 MB
Processor ½ core CPU 1 core CPU 2 core CPU
Monthly fee
Online bank card payment
950 rub. 1 850 rub. 2 750 rub.
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They trust us

  • Hoff
    European furniture and home furnishings hypermarket
    We’re totally satisfied with our partnership with Icewood. They help us reach our goals, taking care of all intricate IT issues of our project, including 24/7 tech support, designing and implementing of the net and server infrastructure, data security matters and other technological problems.
    Dmirtiy Dvoretskiy
    director of electronic commerce